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Renting A RV

What you need to know before renting

RV RENTALS:  We at RV Adventure-USA do not rent RV’s but work with companies who do every day. We can assist you by identifying a quality company who has a good record in the business of renting RV’s.  We can work to identify for you an appropriate sized rig, provide some photos of both the outside and the interior layout so you can get an idea how it will work for you. We can also get price quotes for your review. In the end you will be the renter and will sign the final agreement with the RV rental company.  Get more information on driving a RV for the first time.

What type of RV sh.ould you rent?  This is a personal choice and we will definitely give you our recommendations.  There are many different types of RVs from basic style to luxury style.  Here are some things for you to consider:

Driving a RV really isn’t all that different from driving your car. Automatic transmissions, power brakes and power steering are practically standard equipment. And, with proper attention to the differences in vehicle size, height, and weight, you might even find that getting behind the wheel of the RV of your choice is actually fun!

Your rental company will go over the basics of operating your RV and how to hook up to electric, water and sewer.   RV Adventure-USA will also provide you with some helpful hints on driving safety and rules of the road, parking, and recommendations of what to pack for your trip.  


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