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Comments from customers:

“Just wanted to send you guys a "Thank You" note of appreciation for organizing a great RV trip for our family. Hope to use your services sometime in our future or refer some of our friends. Thanks,” John W


"We want to say thank you for a great trip.  We had a lot of fun!"  Aimee, Florida


“We had a great trip. I would certainly refer you guys.”  Rusty L., Florida


“We had a great trip - thanks so much for your help!  I'll definitely keep you in mind for our next long trip.” Dan S., Maine


"We had an awesome trip!  All of your recommendations were perfect.  The campsites were beautiful and in great locations.  The driving route was scenic and easy.  The tour companies were friendly and professional.   All of the parks were beyond our expectations.  The hiking was so much fun.  Thank you again!"  Jessie & Shawn M. 


"It’s been an amazing trip and this has been massively due to your planning and support you have given us. We are all so amazed with the detail of planning and the detail in the route descriptions – thank you so much for this, it would have been a lot more stressful without it."  Tom H., U.K.


"Hi- just wanted to let you know I had a great time on my Yellowstone trip. Let’s start planning a Yosemite trip for next year in early September." Karen J.


"Just wanted to thank you all for helping make our Maine vacation awesome. The binder was with us the entire trip and was easy to execute. Our experience was great and we all LOVED Maine.”  Jamie C., Virginia

"Just want to thank you again for everything!!  We had a great time and the RV people ended up being great.”  Brian G., Florida


"I wanted to drop you a line to let you know we arrived safe and sound!  Thanks so much for you assistance. You took a lot of stress out of the day!  Please feel free to provide us as references.   Thanks again,  Mike (Florida)


“Just thought we'd let you know that we are having a great time on our RV adventure. Our RV is enormous! The folder full of information from you is amazing. It could not be any better. We have not made a wrong turning yet. Many, many thanks. We would not have been able to do this without you!”
Cheers, Jonathan – London, England

"Thank you! We had a great trip and couldn't have done it without your planning.   Sherri B"


"I do want to thank you both for setting up our RV trip in Colorado, everything worked out wonderful. The campgrounds you picked out were all good. All (4) of us picked Rifle as our favorite, it was amazing!"  E. Lipsky


"We just got back from our Grand Circle trip very late last night — and WOW was it fabulous! We had a spectacular time! All the campground arrangements you made were great and the binder was invaluable and our constant guide (although I made the mistake of taking it into the visitor center at Arches and had the rangers making a bit of fun of me)."   Valorie, Connecticut


"Our holiday was great, we had so much fun and really enjoyed our first RV trip. Rving is a very easy and convenient way to travel for families.  Your binder made everything super easy. The campgrounds were great."  J. Mawson, Illinois


"You did a wonderful job of arranging our vacation. The campgrounds, routes and sites that you chose for us were better than I expected. The drive up the California coast and across Yosemite should be on everyone's list.  I'll be moving back to the U.S. early next year and you can expect to hear from me again.  Thanks for everything, Tad R.


"Thank you so much for helping put together such a memorable and successful trip. There is no doubt that without your advice and help it would not have been the success it was. The itinerary worked perfectly. The campgrounds were well chosen and by the end we were seasoned RV Park experts! The suggested activities in and around our main stops were well thought out and very helpful to us. All in all you did a fantastic job for us and I am very grateful for your patience and support in the run up to the trip. The RV itself worked out well and RV Adventure did a nice job with the RV we had."   Ivan R.


"I thought all of the campgrounds were great.  They were all very different, so that allows firstimers to kind of decide what we like best.  All in all, despite a couple technical difficulties, we had the trip of a lifetime.  We are "sold" on Rving.  Thanks again for all of your help."  Jamie M.


"Great memories, It would not have been ½ the trip without your guidance and advice.  We referred to the material you sent every day, the RV worked well.  It is so beautiful out there." Gillet B.


“In a nut shell the trip was freaking amazing…. We had a ball, the RV was awesome… At first I was petrified of driving this huge RV but in a few hours I got the hang of it. The places we went were amazing… The structure of the trip was incredible with all the stops that you made in between… We enjoyed it so much that we want to do another one for next year around the same time.”  Naty M.


"I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks! The trip went very well and we are now in San Diego kicking it. Thanks again."  Mike H. 


"Everything went well. It was a traveling trip so not a lot of time in between and every night was a new RV park.  Again no trouble with any campground reservations. We had a very enjoyable trip." Gary K., Alaska 


"Thank you for the great trip you arranged for us.  We loved all the sites we camped at.  We thank you so much for all your help - we loved the trip.  When David retires we would like to spend more time doing this.  Thank you" - all the Goldsteins, and Roger!


“I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip!  Thank you so much for all of your help!  The RV was clean and in good repair, all the campgrounds were great, every excursion was fun....truly a trip of a lifetime!”
Alicia C


"Thank you for your hard work, it sure made the trip easier for us.   We will do business again! Thanks,"


"We wanted to thank you for everything you did for us, we have had an amazing experience. And with out your help none of this would have been achieved. So a huge thank you for all your amazing experience, guidance and insights on helpful tips." Cheryl, Chris and family.


"My sons and I really enjoyed the trip and we've started thinking about another one!"
Jim P. (Maryland)


"Just to let you know that we had a wonderfull trip – you had made a very good job of planning everything."
Jørgen S.


"Hi Guys,
Everything was truly wonderful. Some campgrounds were better than others, but for the most part they were most acceptable.You guys did a great job of identifying the local attractions; impressive actually how thorough you were.
Bye for now..."
Craig'nMarie Aboard Sail On

"The trip was fantastic and we think it may have been even better than last year.  Thank you again for all of your work and recommendations which were once again right on." Adam M., Miami, FL


"Everything was fantastic! We loved the trip and everything went smoothly." Austin (Ozark, MO)


"We had a really, really wonderful time. An overall great experience! Everything went smoothly." Alexis & Todd S. (Florida)


"This was one of the best vacations of our life. All the information you put together was wonderful could not have asked for more. All the directions and Reservations were made by you and all the camp ground suggestions were great. Thanks you do much for all you work and suggestions.  We had the time of our life."  Jimmy W. (Rustburg, VA)


"You all were simply great. I would recommend at any time or refer you. The RV company seemed opportunistic – that is all. Warmest and lets do another one." Henry (Nokomis, Florida)


"All in all it was great!  Thanks for the help!" John (Secaucus, NJ)


"The trip went great.  Thank you so much for all your help."  Michael (Irving, TX)


"I just wanted to "Thank You" one more time.  Everything was great,  The trip outline was very accurate.  You did a wonderful job.  We did have an absolutely wonderful vacation. !
Thanks again~" Bobbi (Morrow, Ohio)


"We enjoyed our trip.  Could have used a couple more days for sure!"  Ken & Sophia (Phoenix)


"We had a great time camping and we are actually looking at getting a larger camper to do the same type of trip in the future!
Thanks for all you did.  We could not have done it without you!" Jan Gardendale, Alabama


“Our Journey nearly comes to an end.  We had a great time and thanks for your work.”  Best Regards,  Hannes W., Dubai


“I also wanted to say THANK YOU!  we could not have done this trip so effectively without your services!  All of the campsites have been great and the paths that you have us take are beautifully scenic!  I will definitely recommend your services and I will definitely use them again.  Do you do east coast planning as well?”  Dionne H., Chicago, IL


“Just returned from dropping off the rig.  We had a great time. Thanks again,” Wendy V., Singer Island, FL


“Thank you for all your help with the trip.  They loved it!  Kind regards,” Kate M., Personal Assistant to Mrs. Pia Getty


“The trip was great, everything went smooth.  I will have Jennifer send you some pictures next week. Everything went as planned, no issues.” Jimmy C., Newnon, GA


“We had a blast! It was a wonderful trip and I would love to do it again!  Absolutely great and everything worked like a charm.”  Dawn H., North Palm Beach, FL