International Case Study - Cheryl's Story

For International travelers, an RV is one of the best ways to take in the United States. Yet, planning such a holiday can be difficult for someone not familiar with the country. When Australian Cheryl Wilkie began preparing her trip to the U.S. she realized quickly there was a lot of planning involved. She decided her best option was to have a professional help her plan her family vacation. That’s when she discovered RV Adventure-USA.

“I looked online and came across their website and they were so helpful and friendly from the very beginning. I was hoping to use their RV expertise and trip advice. We really had no idea where to travel and what to see. They worked within our time schedule.”

Cheryl wanted recommendation on hiring an RV in Los Angeles and creating an itinerary that included San Francisco, Las Vegas and two weeks in Orlando. The Wilkie’s had 14 days set aside for their RV trip and they wanted to limit the driving to 3-4 hours a day. As first time visitors they were looking to see popular sites, as well as less well known locations. They wanted their last 2 weeks to be in Orlando and were willing to fly to their final destination.

RV Adventure-USA understands that most International travelers are not as familiar with the location of each state or the acronyms commonly used such as state abbreviations, street directions, exit signs, etc. Extra care is taken to ensure that words and terms that are unique to the U.S. are explained clearly so that there is no confusion.

Cheryl was given several itineraries to choose from. “They put together side trips and included brochures for us so we could choose what fitted in with our plans. As we finalized our travels Kim and Norm offered their knowledge and opinions.”

RV Adventure-USA provided a map outline to the Wilkie’s so that they could visually see the destinations and distances of where they wanted to visit. RV Adventure-USA also tried to be available at a time convenient to the Wilkie’s during the planning of their trip due to the time difference between the U.S. and Australia.

The Wilkie’s rented a 40 foot Luxury Class A with two slide outs. RV Adventure-USA worked with the rental company to ensure delivery of the RV was made near the Los Angeles airport and that the Wilkie’s only needed to take a shuttle from the airport to the RV location.

One of the locations the Wilkie’s wanted to visit was San Francisco. San Francisco is always a challenge for RV travelers since there are no campgrounds within walking distance to San Francisco and RV parking in the downtown area of San Francisco is pretty much nonexistent. The closest campground has limited amenities but does offer a shuttle to San Francisco. However, the campground sites are very narrow and the Wilkie’s decided that wouldn’t work for them.

Their options included taking the RV downtown and hoping the only outdoor parking lot would have space available to park, renting a car, or taking the ferry service. Unfortunately, at the last minute, new guidelines came out stating no RV parking allowed in the parking lots. With one option eliminated, RV Adventure-USA made some calls to rental companies and with the cooperation of the Wilkie’s, a rental car was secured for their sightseeing trip into San Francisco.

Cheryl admits she couldn’t have developed such a comprehensive itinerary on her own. “They gave us a detailed folder that they had put together and WOW doesn’t even begin to explain the work it would have entailed. It was our lifeline for the entire trip.”

For Cheryl, RV Adventure-USA was easy to work with. “They are very professional and friendly. They work with you to create a trip that suits your individual needs.”