1. Why would I pay you when I can use Good Sam, AAA, etc.?

       Many people who work at travel agencies have never traveled in an RV before.  We offer our customers first hand experience and the benefit of our knowledge of specific sites across the USA when planning their trip. We know how to plan an enjoyable trip that is not exhaustive or boring because we have done it.

2. What type of information do you give us on sites?

       Site size - we will make sure the campground has an appropriate size space for your rig size so that you are comfortable while camping
       Bathroom information ,
       Clubhouse and all scheduled activities during the time you are there
       Swimming pool/Jacuzzi - cleanliness, heated, covered, hours of operations

3. How long does it take to get an itinerary?

       Depends on the trip being booked - the shorter trip obviously takes less time than a trip of 15 days or a month.  Our goal is to return the information as quickly as possible.

4. Would I have to pay more for campground reservations if booked thru RV Adventure-USA?

       No. We are offering this service to assist the traveler.

5. Why can't I just call the rental RV place myself and get the same information?

       Our service is to provide travel plans for our customers - RV Rental is not our primary function but is a service we offer to our customers to assist them if they would like our help.

6. Why do you need to know my medical condition?

       We understand that your medical condition is confidential; just let us know of anything we should be aware of so that we don't plan a trip that is not conducive to the traveler's ability (i.e., wheelchair, walker, etc.)

7. Why should I use RV Adventure-USA?

       We utilize our experience to ensure you get the best trip possible. We will not send you on a trip filled with questionable camp sites, points of interest that are not of interest to you, unexplored areas; our goal is to provide you with a fun, relaxing, memorable trip that you will look back on and smile.