RV Trip Planning Service - Traveling Out West

There are few better places to travel in an RV, then to go out West. The Western United States has some of the most scenic places in the world from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite National Park to lesser known locations that are just as beautiful.


If you’re planning an RV vacation out west and want the ideal vacation, then consider RV Adventure USA. We’re an RV trip planning company that provides custom itineraries for travelers.


Whether you’ve been to sites out west a number of times or planning your first vacation, there are many benefits to using RV Adventure-USA.

Here are some of the benefits to our service

We map out your trip - No spending time on MapQuest or some other service trying to decide on what routes to take. Not only can we map out your entire route, we can offer suggestions along the way you might not have thought of.

Your journey is RV friendly – One of the hazards of traveling out west is that you can come across a road that wasn’t designed for RV use. A road up a mountain that suddenly becomes narrow or a road that suddenly becomes little more than a dirt trail. We make sure every spot along the way is easily accessible with an RV, no matter the size of your vehicle.

Knowing where to stay – We’ll let you know what places are best for RV travelers, including ones that your family will enjoy the most. You’ll have detailed information on each location from contact information to when you can check in. Even a list of amenities the campground offers. We can even reserve the sites for you.

Accommodate any special needs - Is there a member of your party in a wheelchair or who has special needs. We’ll take this into consideration when choosing your destinations and campgrounds. Will the family pets be traveling along? We’ll make sure they’re welcome at the spots we suggest.

Help with the RV rental – Don’t have an RV? No problem. We can help you rent one that fits your family’s needs.

Your detailed itinerary will include directions, photographs, maps, and summaries of each attraction or activity.

You simply tell us the dates you’ll be gone, what destinations you’d like to see, and what special requests you might have. Then we’ll take care of the rest.

Traveling out west is an experience you’ll never forget. Let us help take the stress out of planning so you can sit back and enjoy the sites while spending quality time with your family.



It was truly our most memorable family vacation yet.  We are very new to RV-ing and your guidance made us feel like pros!  Your binder was our bible and literally, everything we needed was at our fingertips.  You made it so easy, which finally gave my husband and i a change to ENJOY a family vacation rather than obsess about planning our next move.  We truly fell in love with RV-ing, the land, the sites.  We are so happy that we have your family to help plan all the adventures that wait us. Thanks for listening, planning, detailing with all our questions and doing it all with a smile :) - April K


Thank you so much for helping put together such a memorable and successful trip.  There is no doubt that without your advice and hep it would not have been the success it was.  The itinerary worked